Join Our Associate Program

Earn 40% commissions and many more benefits with our associate program.


Associate Program

Benefits of Joining

  • Earn 40% recurring commissons
  • Ready-made marketing tools
  • No minimun amount required before payout
  • Receive payments to your PayPal account
  • Cookie tracking for 365 days
  • We support PayPal, and credit card payments from your referrals.
  • We provide live chat and email support to our associates

Anyone Can Become an Associate


Are you a business owner, blogger, webmaster, developer, involved in sales and marketing or just want to make some extra income? Webcom Innovations associate program can be a lucrative way of earning money. Become an associate today and earn 40% commissions on every monthly or annual subscription made from the sale of our cloud-based business software.

What You Are Promoting


The business software that you will be promoting is called 'My Work Scheduler'. It is designed to simplify and enhance the scheduling of customer service work with a drag and drop calendar, text and email communication between all participants of a business, send out email campaigns for marketing business services to an existing customer base, and much more.

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How it Works

how it works

A typical scenario on how it works is your referral clicks on one of your links or banners and are sent to the My Work Scheduler website. They then go down to the Pricing & Signup section and select their plan and choose monthly or annual subscription period. They then click the '30-day Free Trial' button and create their account. Your associate ID is now tracking the subscription payments that will start immediately after their 30-day free trial has expired.

Where and How to Promote?

what you are promoting

The best ways to promote our business software are by posting your ready-made associate text links and banner ads on your blog, website, or social media page. You can also email to those on your contact list who you feel might benefit from our software. The text links and banners found in the 'Associate Center' come with your associate ID built-in, tracking the purchases your referrals make.

Cookie Tracking For 365 Days

how it works

Referrals have 365 return days. It means that our cookies are live all-year-around tracking the visits your referral makes to our sales pages. This means that even if your referral doesn't signup and purchase with their first visit, you will still receive commissions if they return and purchase within the next 365 days.

Support That Listens

Live chat, email support and customer phone support.

Want specific features added to the My Work Scheduler application to meet your business requirements? We would love to hear from you as we are constantly adding more features to the application.