Why Email Campaigns are Good for Companies in the Service Call Industry

The ongoing grind to grow (and sustain) a company's brand is important to its longevity. This is where 'My Work Scheduler' comes in, and can be a quite shocking ally when it comes to keeping your customers in the loop. When you need to reach out to customers, there is no more efficient way than within the app. All of their information is in one place and ready available. Many people don't think of an online scheduler as a sufficient marketing tool, but this is one of the many surprises in store for businesses in the service call industry.

'My Work Scheduler' can be a huge help to a company that keeps in close touch with customers. Built into the app is the ability to bulk import all of your customer accounts. Detailed instructions are provided that can show a user of any level how to use the premade template and then customize it into a usable 'My Work Scheduler' format. You can upload 500 customer accounts at a time, which can be a huge timesaver when it comes to importing large numbers.

In the service call industry there will be many potential customers that you cross paths with. If they turn into one time customers, having their information on hand when you plan on making a big splash with an email campaign could keep them coming back.

So what is it about the email campaign that makes it such an interesting feature? Imagine crafting a simple email with a new service your company is offering. Now you can only do so much with words- which is why 'My Work Scheduler' also allows you to upload images and embed them in your email campaigns. This is perfect if you have a new brochure for example that the company is testing the waters with. There is also an amazing amount of configuration that can be done to the uploaded picture, and all within the app.

'My Work Scheduler' will prove its worth over time, as you collect more data in your campaign and it becomes easier to click through repeated actions rather than creating them. Define who you want to be customers by using these features to their full potential. And remember, these same great emails can be sent to administrators or other workers! 'My Work Scheduler' will continue to improve and reinvent itself, much like your company.

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