Scheduling a Residential Cleaning Customer in 'My Work Scheduler'

Cleaning businesses can go through a lot of growth when it comes to their customer service base. What starts as a manageable few customers can continue to grow with the right strategy. When the flux of customer's changes and your customer handling system stays the same, you may be missing out on a good way to improve an outdated method. 'My Work Scheduler' comes packed with a lot of great features, with many of them aimed at handling residential cleaning customers.

Even if you have only a few customers, the drag and drop features of the scheduling calendar will come in handy. With the app's user-friendly interfaces things like appointments, communication events and even marketing campaigns can be managed with ease. So in the case where you have an inexperienced worker at the helm and need them to learn the system quickly, 'My Work Scheduler' becomes a valuable resource. The same situation also applies to temporary workers that are thrown into cleaning businesses that have scheduling duties to handle.

On the customer side this is also a big feature, since rescheduling can often cause conflicts. The application is set up so that any of your administrators can reschedule a residential cleaning without making a mistake. You can lose a lot of business with the many schedule changes that take place throughout a day, and if those changes in the schedule lead to multiple servicemen having their schedules cross-stacked, then a paying customer is going to be the one that loses out. Take care of your customers by using the intuitive 'My Work Scheduler' interface to keep scheduling conflicts from even happening. It is an error proof option that would keep your administrators from scheduling a cleaning service incorrectly.

'My Work Scheduler' is also useful for repeat customers. Cleaning businesses that have loyal customers will want the option of simply clicking on their information without asking for the customer to repeat all their details- Because what is more frustrating than telling your favorite cleaning business your information for the 100th time? 'My Work Scheduler' saves former cleaning jobs and can allow quick edits so that the information is less of a hassle to input. The overall effect helps retain your customers and show them that you care about their repeat business.

Learning to use My Work Schedule for residential cleaning is a must for any sized business. It will become the foundation of your company operations.

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