Quickly Rescheduling an In Progress Service Call

Service calls can change on a dime, and it's a daily thing to reschedule your workers for various reasons. Customers that reschedule their service calls should be able to do it without having to worry if the new service call was input correctly. And on the business side of things, handling a reschedule shouldn't be something that results in everyone's wires getting crossed. That means it should be as easy to reschedule an appointment as it is to schedule one. Here is why 'My Work Scheduler' excels when it comes to handling service calls that need to be changed at the last minute.

'My Work Scheduler' uses one of the simplest interfaces of any program on the market. If a customer calls in to reschedule an in progress service call, it only takes a second to click on their job in the calendar and update it. And if you want a different approach to handling the same task, then just drag and drop the pending job to the appropriate reschedule date. There is nothing complicated about the process, and it is meant to keep things moving without minimal mistakes. If your company has had issues keeping up with a massive amount of reschedules, then this is exactly what is needed to cut down on any and all errors.

Remote access is a feature built into the program that will let all of your workers get their schedules from a smartphone, tablet or any other device. 'My Work Scheduler' also keeps up with changes made during a reschedule, so in a case where you're unable to get in contact with your workers, the app will keep them up to date with all changes to the service call. The rescheduling update can also include optional special requests, handy for when a customer wants to leave specific instructions. As long as your workers remote into 'My Work Scheduler' to check on their schedules, customers will be taken care of even if there is no oral communication.

'My Work Scheduler' will handle all of your rescheduling requests like a champ! Changing schedules causing conflicts in a service call will no longer lead to wasted time with your workers, as they app will keep them up to date even if there is no oral communication. Make sure to check out all of the service call rescheduling features of the app at myworkscheduler.com.

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