Handling Customer Accounts for Your Cleaning Business

Through the ins and outs of the cleaning business there are protocols to follow with customer accounts. Account management issues don't just happen because of a lack of care, they are the result of a growing business with subpar account management systems. A cleaning business is heavily dependent on 'My Work Scheduler' because there are built in features to help with account management. So if you have a cleaning business that needs a more reliable option, here is why 'My Work Scheduler' should be at the top of your list.

Customer Account management is not limited by your hardware since the app is built on the cloud. When compared to a paper based system, going digital keeps things in order. It also leaves a 'digital trail' so that you know what data is being accessed, and when. Protect your company by knowing what is going on with its data, first and foremost. All of your data on My Work Scheduler survives multiple upgrades, shuffling of information and even entire company reorganizations.

And when you need to add in new customer information, a convenient web form is built into the app to make it all seamless. Containing the most pertinent data needed to track customers, 'My Work Scheduler' highlights a lot of important areas in its web form that may be missed by less compatible programs.

When the time comes to do audits or other work concerning your customers, having a paper trail to hold in your hands can help. My Work Scheduler lets you print out all customer accounts to paper so they can be filed accordingly. In a matter of minutes you can have a paper copy of your customer accounts safe keeping to back up your digital copies. And if by chance you have a spreadsheet with a lot of customer accounts, rather than manually inputting them one by one, try the bulk import feature- it's recommended!

Lastly, staff account management is also handled within the app. There are options to create, edit and report on staff accounts from the same interface used to interact with customer accounts. Familiarity with the interfaces will build a lot of confidence within your team if there is more than one person handling the app. There is no better choice for handling account management on both sides than with 'My Work Scheduler'. When your cleaning business needs a top rated account management tool that can bridge the gap, look no further than the 'My Work Scheduler'.

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