Changing an Installation Appointment in 'My Work Scheduler'?

When a customer calls in to change their installation time, it should be a simple process that doesn't cause any problems- in a perfect world. Of the many things that can go wrong with scheduling, setting up a new installation time on the wrong date can leave a customer upset. This is an error that can cause a missed appointment and even lose you a customer or two. Finding a better way to handle these changed installations will give you an immediate boost to business, which is why 'My Work Scheduler' can do wonders for your business.

There is no such thing as oversimplifying the process of customer scheduling, and 'My Work Scheduler' proves that. Imagine a scenario where you have a serviceman out that gets a message his 3 o'clock has rescheduled a week out. There is now a window of opportunity for more work, depending on how you want to handle it. Customers will often call in asking for earlier installation times, even when they are scheduled. And many customers request to be notified when an opening is available. With 'My Work Scheduler', this reschedule just turned into an opportunity to build on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Using the calendar, it becomes an easy process to not only reschedule the original appointment, but to slide in the new appointment for the worker.

In this case, the worker will get another update sent from the 'My Work Scheduler' that directs them to the new customer. The notification will let them know that there is a new appointment set, and it will be like the original appointment was never rescheduled. 'My Work Scheduler' keeps your installation times as honest as possible so your company will make money. There is no wasted time when using the app, and there are always more features to learn. The customer can not only be notified by a click to call link in the application about their installation reschedule (with their information), but you can also send out a reminder email directly from 'My Work Scheduler'. Communication is important when handling installation appointments that can change, and the app will always be the first line of defense in making sure it's correct.

What is important to your installation business? If the first and last answer is customers, then 'My Work Scheduler' is for you.

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