Can an Installation Company Benefit From 'My Work Scheduler'?

No matter the size of your company, there are many benefits to having 'My Work Scheduler' as your software of choice. There are even more benefits for those that adopt the app early, due to it's reporting and archiving features. The best features of 'My Work Scheduler' are the ones you will use the most, with improvements always being added to the system without interrupting your workflow. When you need the most important part of your business to be error free (scheduling) how can you as an installation company make sure your work is being done right?

Emergencies with your employees are impossible to avoid, and the same can be said for customers. If it is the employee that has an emergency, then you can assign his entire schedule to another worker by using the daily transfer feature. This unique tool will completely reassign all service installations for a shift to a worker of your choosing, saving both time and money.

Also, when a customer calls in and has to change their appointment due to an emergency, updating their information can be done by clicking on the service order. It is a foolproof way to handle emergencies, appointments and other events out of your control. For jobs that have no specific changes other than times, then dragging and dropping it to another time slot will keep the original information intact and error free.

'My Work Scheduler' is a cloud app, which works on any device. It also has limited remote access for your workers to use in a pinch. It's one of the most compatible scheduling programs on the market, with upgrades that happen in the background and independent of your hardware. Think of 'My Work Scheduler' as your untouchable black book. In the event where all of your hardware is compromised to the point where a complete wipe is the only safe option, then guess what? 'My Work Scheduler' is not affected at all! Everything is stored safely on the apps own servers, with continual backups running alongside the live data. Your virtual black book is safe, and will keep your company running even if your hardware fails.

Installation companies will always have a use for 'My Work Scheduler', because customers and workers data is important. It's not just about security, but it's about maintaining a compatible environment for all involved. And there is no better way to do that than with 'My Work Scheduler'!

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